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Here at we have worked our way through dozens of different UK retailers to find the best price on PS4 solo and PS4 bundle console deals. It’s been hard work but we’re certain we list the cheapest deals around! Check them out below…

Best PS4 Bundle Deal – £349.85

If you’re looking for a PS4 bundle then Amazon offer the best deal. Bundle includes PS4 with FIFA 15‚ Minecraft‚ dualshock 2 controller and free delivery.

PS4 Bundle Console

Cheapest PS4 Console Deal –

If you’re looking for just the PS4 console then Amazon offer the best deal on the net. Console includes dualshock controller and free delivery.

PS4 Solo Console

Check out more hot PS4 deals below…

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GameSeek is an excellent online retailer for anything gaming. They have several PS4 consoles to choose from including several very competitively priced bundles.

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Amazon is an online shopping giant and offer a wide range of PS4 deals that are worth taking a look at. You will often find that Amazon offer the cheapest price on consoles, games and accessories.

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Gamestop offer the cheapest price for the PS4 console anywhere on the net being almost £20 cheaper than other retailers. Express delivery is also included so there will be no additional costs involved to get your hands on the console.

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GAME have an excellent selection of console bundles and also offer preowned PS4’s for a slightly reduced price. An excellent option if you’re looking for a bargain.

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Ebay can be a great option if you’re finding it difficult to find the console you want in stock elsewhere. You can also get yourself a great deal from time to time.

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Order a PS4 console from Tesco and get it delivered for collection at your local store. In addition to this the console comes with a 2 year guarantee and Clubcard points.

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Zavvi have a few different PS4 bundles to choose from. If you’re in a hurry to get your console then they offer free express delivery. Order before 8pm and have it delivered the next day for no additional charge.

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The Hut

The Hut offer a few PS4 options and are very competitive in their pricing. With many happy PS4 customers you can be sure to have confidence in the hut providing an excellent service.

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Very have a number of different PS4 consoles available to choose from.

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IWOOT don’t offer much in the way of discounts for the PS4 but they do offer free next day delivery with any order over £50.

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The PS4's look

The Playstation 4 was unveiled for the first time at this years E3 event. As with every Playstation console since the PS one the console will be black and will consist of a plastic body with sharp edges and a slightly reflective surface. In many ways the new playstation gets its look from the PS3.

When will the PS4 be released?

The Playstation will be released 15th November in North America and 29th November in Europe. Just in time for the busy Christmas shopping period.

PS4 Pricing

One thing we can be certain on is the pricing of the new console. Priced at $399 in the US and £349 in the UK. However, if you take a look at our price comparison table, you will see you're able to get your hands on the PS4 for slightly cheaper than the recommended retail price from some retailers.

This price is a whole £100 cheaper than its rival the Xbox One. However Microsoft's offering comes with the popular Kinect bundled in with the price.

Pre-owned Games

Playstation 4 will allow you unrestricted access to games you have previously owned. This allows you to purchase a game and then sell it on or donate to a friend and still allow you to enjoy the game for as long as you wish using the PSN. Encouraging game sales we think this is an excellent feature.

Playstation Vita Streaming

Synergy will allow you to stream games you play on your PS4 directly to your PS Vita when you're not by your console. You will also be able to use your PS Vita to control games on the PS4, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for game developers.

PS4 Blu-ray Drive

The PS4 has had a serious hardware upgrade since the PS3 and so will it's Blu-ray drive. The drive will be 3 times faster than the drive in the PS3. This means less loading times and more playing games and watching movies.

PS3 Games on PS4

Unfortunately the PS4 won't play your old PS3 games the traditional way. However, Sony are introducing a new feature on the PSN that will allows you to play all the Playstation games you know and love from years gone by.